Sustainable Plant Wax Candles

About Chia Candles

Born in Newcastle Australia, Chia Candles has been created to produce candles of the highest quality possible. This is achieved by using premium, sustainable plant-based wax with the most elegant fragrances.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the waxes used in our candles are:
100% plant based
Free of petroleum products
Free from animal and insect Products

One of our goals is to strengthen communities, and we are constantly looking out for local community projects where we can help.

This means that not only do our candles release light and relaxation into your home, but they come with an extra degree of warmth and happiness from knowing that a percentage of profits from each candle that you purchase is helping those in need.

Thank you for sharing light.


Lemon Ginger

Lemon Myrtle and Chinese Ginger with a hint of lemon grass make this fragrance perfect to freshen up the room and create a lively atmosphere.
Price: $52
280g | approx 50 hours burn time

Goji Berry Tarocco Orange

Goji berry and Tarocco Orange combines citrus and sweet notes that will remind you of summer desserts.
Price: $52
280g | approx 50 hours burn time

Rose Geranium

Our floral Rose and Geranium candle releases a calming and soothing fragrance that invokes memories, as if you were walking through the garden.
Price: $52
280g | approx 50 hours burn time

Coconut Lime

The classic fragrance that is loved by many, Coconut and Lime welcomes people in with a fresh and sweet scent of creamy Coconut combined with hints of lime.
Price: $52
280g | approx 50 hours burn time






Every candle purchased is a step towards helping others in our community who need it most.

A percentage of profits is donated annually to charities and those in need.

Thank you for sharing light.


Our current stockist are found below.

When you purchase our candles, wherever possible please help these small businesses out by purchasing Chia Candles from them.

Salon Botanica
124 Tudor Street, Hamilton, NSW
Ph: (02) 4961 1418

Alternative Way to Health
1 Hugh Street, Merewether, NSW
Ph: (02) 4963 6110

Sikora Beauty Bar
91a Wallsend Street, Kahibah, NSW
0401 813 980


Chia Candles

Newcastle, Australia

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Email. chris@chiacandles.com

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